Stefan Uddenberg

Cognitive Psychology PhD Student, Yale University

Stefan Uddenberg 01-11-2018.jpg

Hello! I am a PhD candidate at Yale University, working primarily with Brian Scholl in the Perception & Cognition Laboratory

My primary research program explores the default assumptions wired into the mind, especially in the context of perception. It turns out that what we see is a process of unconscious inferences, where we take into account not only the exact nature of the light entering our eyes, but also a set of assumptions about the source that most likely generated or reflected that light. It is now becoming possible to reveal the nature of these assumptions through various techniques. My preferred technique is the method of serial reproduction — essentially the children’s game of ‘Broken Telephone’ — which I use to explore our default assumptions across several visual contexts, ranging from faces to patterns of movement.

Before coming to Yale, I was a research assistant working with Won Mok Shim in the Visual Perception & Cognition Lab at Dartmouth College, which is where I also did my undergraduate degree. I majored in Cognitive Science, Japanese Studies, and "A Cappella Studies".  In my spare time, I also fight fake news.